Video – How Much Do Tax Lien Certificates Cost

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Are you planning on investing in tax lien certificates? Then you’re on the right path to success! Watch this video to learn how much do tax lien certificates cost and how much you can make by investing in these!

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Ted Thomas

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary
00:57 How To Get Started In The Tax Lien Industry
01:34 What Is A Tax Lien Certificate?
02:17 How Tax Lien Certificates Work
03:03 Why Counties Need Property Taxes
03:55 What Are The Rates For Tax Lien Certificates In Different States?
04:24 Where To Find Tax Lien Certificate Auctions
04:49 What Happens If You Don’t Get Paid For Tax Lien Certificates
05:12 What Happens To The Mortgage In A Property
05:40 Benefits Of Buying Tax Lien Certificates
07:24 How Much Can You Make With Tax Lien Certificates?
07:52 What State Has The Highest Rate For Tax Lien Certificates?
08:07 Should You Buy Tax Lien Certificates From One State Or Multiple States?
08:35 Two Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Tax Lien Certificates
09:48 Learn More About Investing In Tax Lien Certificates

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