Video – How Does a Tax Lien Foreclosure Work

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There are different ways to make money in the real estate industry! Over the years, I’ve learned a lot from my experience investing in foreclosures as well as tax liens and deeds. So watch this video to learn how tax lien foreclosures work and how you can profit from them!

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Ted Thomas

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary
02:09 What Are The Differences Between A Mortgage Foreclosure And Tax Lien Certificate Foreclosure?
03:09 What Happens If Property Owners Don’t Pay Property Taxes
04:36 How Much Are Tax-Defaulted Properties?
05:16 Benefits Of Investing In Tax-Defaulted Properties
06:04 How Tax Lien Foreclosures Work And How You Can Profit From Them
07:56 How The Financial Market Crash Affected Real Estate Investors
10:48 How To Make Money Investing In Real Estate
11:40 Examples Of How To Make Money With Tax Lien Certificates
13:19 Disadvantages Of Investing In Foreclosure Properties

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