Video – How Do Lease Options Work With Tax-Defaulted Auctions?

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Have you heard of lease options before? Or you probably know about this strategy by its other names like rent-to-own! In this video, I’ll talk about how do lease options work with tax-defaulted auctions and why you should be using this strategy too!

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Ted Thomas

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary
01:28 How To Do Lease Options With Tax-Defaulted Properties
02:04 Why You Need Written Agreements In Real Estate
02:29 How Tax-Defaulted Properties Are Sold
03:19 What Real Estate Strategy Big Companies Use
03:54 What Big Banks Do: Installment Sales
04:19 What Is A Lease Option Strategy?
04:30 Mortgages In Different States
05:11 Why You Will Never Run Out Of Properties To Sell
05:35 What Happens At Tax-Defaulted Auctions
06:35 Are Tax-Defaulted Auctions Big Or Small?
07:14 How Lease Options Work With Tax-Defaulted Properties
08:20 What Contract For Sale Means In Real Estate
09:00 Which People Buy Lease Options
09:42 Where To Sell Tax-Defaulted Properties
10:09 How To Make Money Doing Lease Options With Tax-Defaulted Properties
11:21 Can You Get A Real Estate Agent To Help With Lease Options?
11:40 How To Look At Properties When Buying Online
12:28 Two Mistakes To Avoid In Real Estate
13:32 Learn More About Making Money With Tax Liens And Deeds

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