Video – Does a Foreclosure Real Estate Agent Make Good Money?

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There are lots of different ways for brokers to get commissions, but do real estate agents make money on foreclosures? Find out if they get paid for selling these kind of properties by watching this video!

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Ted Thomas

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary
00:40 Differences Between Buying Tax Liens & Deeds And Foreclosures
02:20 Why Real Estate Agents Put Their License On Hold
03:05 What The Foreclosure Business Is Like
03:56 How Real Estate Agents Make Money On Foreclosures
05:33 What Is A Deed Of Trust In Foreclosure Auctions
05:57 Do Real Estate Agents Make Money On Foreclosures?
07:05 How Properties End Up At Foreclosure Auctions
08:12 How Much Down Payment Needed To Lessen Chances Of Foreclosure
08:49 How To Make Money As A Real Estate Agent With Foreclosures
09:16 What Banks Do With Foreclosed Properties
10:11 Advantages Of Investing In Tax Liens & Tax Deeds
11:18 How To Invest In Tax Liens & Tax Deeds
12:05 Disadvantages For Real Estate Agents In Foreclosure Business
12:38 How Soon Before An Auction Should You Look At A Property?
13:06 Should You Buy Tax Liens Or Tax Deeds On A Mobile Home?
13:54 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Bidding In Property Auctions

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