Video – Do Federal Tax Liens Have Priority Over Mortgages

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Oftentimes, properties have more than one lien stacked on top of another. So does a federal tax lien take priority over a mortgage? Watch this video to fully understand how multiple liens are prioritized in a property!

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Ted Thomas

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary
00:41 Benefits Of Investing In Tax Liens And Deeds
01:26 How Does The Priority Of Liens Work?
02:47 My Experience In The Tax Liens And Deeds Business
03:38 Importance Of Paying Taxes As A Property Owner
04:39 How Tax Numbers Are Assigned To Properties
06:31 What Is The First Lien In A Property?
07:38 Where Is The Mortgage In The Priority Of Liens?
09:11 What Happens When Property Owners Don’t Pay Taxes
11:49 What The County Does To Abandoned Properties
13:30 What Happens When You Buy Properties In Tax Auctions
14:28 How To Make Money Investing In Tax Lien Certificates
16:00 Importance Of Understanding The Lien Law

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