Video – Can You Refinance A Mortgage With A Tax Lien?

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Are you currently dealing with issues from the bank? This can definitely get worse over time which is why it’s best to remedy these problems fast! So, can you refinance a mortgage with a tax lien? Find out if this is possible by watching this video!

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Ted Thomas

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary
01:13 Why You Should Reconsider Refinancing Your Home
02:11 Disadvantages Of Having A Tax Lien On Your Property
03:37 Can You Refinance A Mortgage With A Tax Lien?
04:44 What Is A Mortgage Or Deed Of Trust In Real Estate?
06:37 How To Get Out Of Debt Without Refinancing
08:43 Where To Pay When You Buy A Tax Lien Certificate
09:00 How To Get Your Return On A Tax Lien Certificate
09:30 Two Mistakes People Make At Real Estate Auctions

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Can I Refinance My Home With A Tax Lien

YouTube video

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