Video – Can You Make Money Buying Tax Liens?

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You’ve probably heard of people earning fortunes with tax-defaulted properties, but can you make money buying tax liens? What can you do with these? Learn more about how this all works by watching this video!

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Ted Thomas

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary
01:15 Where Can You Invest In Tax Lien Certificates?
02:26 Advantages Of Investing In Tax Lien Certificates
03:27 How Tax Lien Certificates Work
05:19 Tax Lien Certificates vs Tax Deeds
06:43 How To Buy Tax Lien Certificates At Auctions
07:52 What You Receive When Buying Tax Lien Certificates
08:37 What Happens To The Property Owner When You Buy A Tax Lien Certificate
09:28 How To Make Money With Tax Lien Certificates
10:48 How To Invest In Tax Lien Certificates
13:12 Purchasing Tax Lien Certificates In Different States & Counties
13:39 When Will You Get Paid For Tax Lien Certificates?
14:04 Common Mistakes When Buying Properties At Tax Auctions

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