Video – Can I Refinance My Home With A Tax Lien

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There are so many ways to get financing in the real estate industry as long as you know where to look! So can I refinance my home with a tax lien? Watch this video to understand how financing in real estate works and to find out if this is possible!

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Ted Thomas

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary
00:50 Advantages Of Borrowing Money In Real Estate
02:40 How To Refinance Your Home With A Tax Lien
04:16 What Is Equity In Real Estate?
04:40 Importance Of Financing In Tax Liens And Deeds Business
05:32 What Kind Of Properties Are Sold In County Auctions
05:58 How To Purchase A Real Estate Property With A Bank Loan
07:24 Where To Get Financing For Real Estate Deals
08:06 Importance Of Understanding Finance In Real Estate
09:57 How To Know The Priority Of Liens In A Real Estate Property
10:49 What Type Of Deed Is Issued If You Foreclose On A Tax Lien
11:40 Big Mistakes To Avoid When Bidding In Property Auctions

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