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Over the Counter Tax Lien Certificate Sales. How would you like to get a tax-lien certificate that pays you the highest rate without having to compete with other bidders? Go here to get your FREE gift: https://tedthomas.com/safe-haven/ (valued at $197)

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00:00 Introduction
01:01 Ted’s experience with tax lien certificates
01:32 Why buy a tax lien certificate?
02:03 About regular tax lien certificates
02:36 About over the counter tax liens
04:14 How to get a list of over the counter tax liens
05:01 Get the maximum rate of interest
05:51 Get as many as you want
07:31 What kind of investment is this?
08:13 Why does the government sell tax lien certificates?
08:58 How much do you pay for a tax lien certificate?
09:46 Buy, but also learn to sell
10:15 I have a FREE gift for you
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