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Is California a Tax Lien State or Is It a Tax Deed State? Hint: Buying Tax Deeds in California Yields Big Profits. Even better, a big change in the rules now makes you able to pick up properties even cheaper at California tax sales! Click here to get your FREE gift:

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00:00 Introduction
00:40 Let’s talk about California
01:04 California tax defaulted property
01:39 About back taxes in California
02:35 California tax defaulted auctions
03:06 Who’s in charge of California auctions?
03:32 Online auctions
04:11 What happens to unsold properties?
04:23 A big change in California’s tax sale rules
06:16 Why is California so motivated to sell?
07:28 Michigan made the same big change
08:02 Smart buyers take advantage of the new rule
08:46 Los Angeles tax deed auctions
11:54 Should you buy houses or land?
12:22 Two mistakes most newcomers make
13:37 I have a FREE course for you
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