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Ted Thomas talks about the Average Cost of Tax Lien Certificate. Is it affordable? How risky? Learn how you can benefit from the high returns on this little-known investment no matter how much money you have to start with. Get your FREE course: https://tedthomas.com/safe-haven/ (valued at $197)

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00:00 Introduction
1:40 How much do tax lien certificates cost?
02:06 What is a tax lien certificate?
02:46 Tax lien vs tax deed states
03:48 What are tax lien interest rates?
04:40 How to get a list of tax delinquent properties
04:52 Making passive income with real estate
05:31 An example of how to profit from tax liens
07:29 How to find tax lien properties
07:44 How do tax lien auctions work?
08:05 Another example of how to profit from tax liens
09:10 What happens to the mortgage in a tax lien sale?
10:27 Why do counties sell tax liens and tax deeds?
11:20 An example of a big profit made in Phoenix AZ
12:53 Can someone else bid for you at an auction?
13:13 Can you buy a tax lien after the auction?
13:49 Mistakes to avoid
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