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In the age of modern technology, everything is easily accessible online. But what about property auctions for tax liens? If you can’t make it to an auction can you attend the auction online? First, click here to access your free gift from Ted Thomas 👉

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00:00 Intro – Are There Tax Lien Auctions Online?
00:25 Can you buy property at tax lien auctions online?
01:16 How to do tax lien property research online
01:32 Buy and sell property online
01:56 Learn more about online tax lien auctions

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Do Your Research

In short, yes, you can attend auctions online through the county website. But not every county is the same. You must research and understand the auction and how you are bidding for the property beforehand.

Most counties will list their auction dates well ahead of time to allow people to check out the property or learn everything they can about what they want to bid on. You always want to ensure you have boots on the ground before investing in real estate.

Properties have I.D. and numbers that you can acquire to research the property on the county website. You can see photos of the property, learn about the property history, and find out if there are any significant issues to be aware of. Planning ahead of time will save you time and money!

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