Are Tax-defaulted Properties Risk-free Investments? – Video

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You might consider a tax lien or a tax deed when investing in property. But what happens when a property owner does not pay their taxes back? Real estate expert Ted Thomas explains. But first, click here to access your free gift 👉

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Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro – Are Tax-defaulted Properties Risk-free Investments?
00:35 How do tax liens work if the tax isn’t paid?
01:31 How property tax lien priority works
02:16 Are there tax lien investing strategies?
02:44 How county rules affect tax lien investing
03:32 Learn more about tax lien investing

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No Paid Taxes? No Problem

When you purchase a tax lien certificate, the money you put down will be returned to you once the property owner pays the taxes. Depending on how long that takes, you will earn a certain percentage per month, which is how you will make your profit in most cases.

But when a property owner does not pay back their property taxes, you own the property with little to zero mortgage payment. So you now own a property with virtually no mortgage. This is a law across the entire United States.

If the end goal is to own the property via the purchased tax lien certificate, then learn about the property and do your homework on the city and county you want to buy the property from.

In contrast to tax deeds, you will be going to an online or in-person auction and bidding on the property at the lowest possible price to win the property. These properties will be sold and auctioned off during their foreclosure period.

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