passive income with real estate

How to Make Passive Income With Real Estate

Imagine passive income of $25,000, $30,000, or even $50,000 from your own real estate. Today I’ll share with you how you can follow a step-by-step process with tax defaulted real estate investing using only small dollars to make big money and earn passive income with real estate.

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what is a property tax lien

What is a Property Tax Lien?

What is a property tax lien? It’s a lucrative alternative investment, and almost anyone with a little ambition and the right guidance can claim their share of the wealth generated in this alternative market.

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tax lien training

Tax Lien Training

Tax lien training includes learning the basic investment of tax lien certificates, and for many, learning about tax-defaulted property. The most successful learn how to do both.

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what is a tax certificate sale

What is a Tax Certificate Sale?

A tax lien certificate is an alternative investment for thousands of investors nationwide. The investors are actually purchasing a tax certificate from the local county which will pay them an outrageously high interest rate.

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is buying property to rent out risky

Is Buying Property to Rent Out Risky?

Rental property is certainly a little more complex than buying a house and putting a sign on the front lawn then becoming rich. When you’re buying property to rent out, it’s important to know the market and even more important to know about the neighborhood.

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how to buy income property

How to Buy Income Property

If you want to know how to buy income property at amazing discounts, I have a solution you may want to consider. I’m about to switch markets and show you a hidden market that’s filled with real estate.

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attending your first delinquent tax sale

Attending Your First Delinquent Tax Sale

Today I’m answering your questions about attending your first delinquent tax sale, and the topics I’m going to cover are: An Introduction to Tax Sales, What Happens at a Tax Deed Sale?, Do Your Homework Before Buying Tax Delinquent Property, Physically Inspect Tax Delinquent Homes for Sale, Earn Massive Profits from Tax Deed Investing.

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how to make money buying tax liens

How to Make Money Buying Tax Liens

Today I’m answering your question about how to make money buying tax liens, and the topics I’m going to cover are: What Are Tax Liens on Real Estate? What Happens to Real Estate in Property Tax Default? Property Tax Redemption Periods in Tax Lien States, Bidding on Tax Lien Interest Rates, Acquiring Property at Tax Lien Auctions, Acquiring Property at Tax Deed Auctions

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