Episode 35:

Bill Beddoes, who started as a student more than 12 years ago, is now a coach and spends time guiding and discussing his unique strategies at tax defaulted auctions. When I say unique… Bill Beddoes is a maverick, he has purchased over 60 properties using credit cards and unlike most sellers who use brokers to help sell, Bill sells the properties himself saving thousands in commissions and he uses a 100-year-old system of Contract For Deed sometimes called a Contract Of Sale, even called a Land Contract, Listen in… I am sure you will want to learn the process.


What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • What is a Contract for sale/ Land Contract?
  • Learn how to make more money using a Land Contract/ Contract for Sale
  • What items needs to be in the Contract for Sale/Land Contract?
  • What is the difference between Contract for Sale or Land Contract??
  • Bill talks about his experience using Land Contracts and how he was successful.


Resources for Ted Thomas:


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