Carrizo Springs Real Estate: Tax Sale (Tax Defaulted Property Sale) Approaches
Carrizo Springs Real Estate

A few years ago, the tiny town of Carrizo Springs, in Dimmit County, Texas was home to about 5,600 farmers and ranchers who leased their property to hunters for a little extra cash. Today, the town has become a busy city of over 40,000 people.

What changed in Carrizo Springs Real Estate, located in Carrizo Springs Texas?

Texas oil companies have nearly doubled oil production over the last two years by tapping into the Eagle Ford shale.

They’re expecting to produce 4 million barrels a day by next year. If they do, Texas would become the fifth-biggest oil producer in the world.

The region is set to reap more than $90 billion in the next decade, making some Carrizo Springs real estate property owners a fortune by selling and leasing.

For other Carrizo Springs real estate property owners, it’s not so good.

Dimmit County Tax Office Sale List

Last year, 28 properties were listed by the tax assessor on the Dimmit County Tax Office Sale list (tax-defaulted property list). I wonder how many will end up at this year’s event?

Property owners who have defaulted on their property taxes may end up on the losing end of some very valuable real estate if they’re not careful with their money.

Property taxes are one thing you don’t want to forget to pay in Texas.

As an investor, you may want to think clearly before jumping on a Carrizo Springs real estate property at a tax-defaulted property sale.

As for the issue of fracking, it’s not so popular among a lot of people for a wide variety of reasons. Fracking, hydraulic fracturing oil drilling technology, is turning the once quiet community into something longtime residents into something they no longer recognize.

The highway leading into town is cracked and pitted from the heavy traffic going back and forth.
The crime rate has skyrocketed as sexual assaults, car accidents and thievery takes their toll.

The Sheriff has doubled his force, hiring 15 deputies to combat what is suspected to be members of the Mexican drug cartel masquerading fake oil trucks to transport narcotics.

Investors, research before you bid. Texas is a great state for tax-defaulted property investing—one of the best. But some information you just won’t find on a tax-defaulted property sale listing.

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Carrizo Springs Real Estate: Conclusion

As with any property you are considering purchasing dimmit county property from a tax-defaulted or tax deed auction, we strongly encourage you to do your due diligence homework before you buy. The impact of fracking on Carrizo Springs real estate is a prime example. A great starting point for all homework is After that, get creative about your information sources. Check the crime statistics in the neighborhood of the property you are researching. Not just current, but recent trends. Just do your research.

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