Can You Really Make Money Online From Home?

Can You Really Make Money Online From Home?

More people want to work from home instead of at the usual office jobs, but can you really make money online from home? Find out if it’s possible and how you can do this.

Today I’ll discuss two challenges in the world of business. Whether it’s small business or big business, there are always a handful of challenges. That’s probably a good thing, otherwise, everyone would be in business.

Problem-solving and business challenges are the life of an entrepreneur. The problems create determined entrepreneurs, and the problem solvers among us become very good at it.

Being your own boss, handling challenges and going about your dealings with people determine much of the entrepreneurial success.

I’m Ted Thomas, and I’ve been an entrepreneur for more than 30 years. I’ve seen more than a number of healthy business transactions, and problem-solvers turn out to be the best entrepreneurs online or offline.

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Can You Really Make Money Online From Home? – A Little-Known Business

If you’re wondering, “How can I make legit money from home?” Let me show you how to make a bundle of money online from home if you’re looking for the best money-making online method, and it’s totally legit.

Over 30-years ago, I discovered a little-known and very profitable business right under my nose. The business was a subset of the traditional real estate business.

Most people see traditional real estate as single-family homes, small office buildings, small farms, and in many situations, vacant residential lots.

dozens of ways to make money with real estate

Can You Really Make Money Online From Home? – Tax Liens and Tax Deeds

The subset of the business that most people don’t see and don’t know how to do leaves a big gap. That subset is tax liens and tax deeds.

Very few people are involved or understand this subset of the business, so today I’ll describe how you can really make money online with this.

Can you really make money online from home? The answer is yes, what I’m showing you are real ways to make money from home.

This business can be online or offline. 30-years ago, everything was offline. Today, you can do both. You can buy, you can sell; you can perform both of these functions online from your home.

Can You Really Make Money Online From Home? – Real Estate Statutes

Briefly, I’m discussing a government-controlled and mandated program that’s in effect nationwide. It looks like this.

All of the states in the United States have a legislature, and the legislature mandates the real estate laws for all the counties in their state.

There are over 100 million taxable properties, and property is taxed at the local county level in 3000+ counties.

In the state capital, the legislature creates laws, and they place those laws into statutes. These statutes are in the law books for anyone to see and comply with.

how to make a lot of money in real estate laws

Can You Really Make Money Online From Home? – Tax Delinquent Real Estate

Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t follow the law. Life happens.

For example, people pass on; they die. Couples are divorced. Others abandon property and allow it to go into tax default.

In all cases, the county will put those property owners on notice. The taxes are in default and must be paid. The local county needs money, and this is important to understand.

In the 3000+ counties, the treasurer will take action against defaulted property owners. The county has power, and they must adjust to the nonpayment of taxes. The county does not want delinquent tax defaulted property, so what happens?

Can You Really Make Money Online From Home? – Unpaid Property Taxes

The county, as directed by the state legislature and authorized by the board of supervisors or county commissioners, will direct the treasurer to levy taxes and collect taxes.

If the property owner fails to pay taxes, and they are uncollectible, the treasurer will confiscate the property and sell it at a public auction to the highest bidder. Anyone can attend.

Can You Really Make Money Online From Home? – Tax Defaulted Property Auctions

The county treasurer does exactly as I’ve said. They will auction the property at very close to the delinquent back taxes, which is what they want.

They don’t care about the value; they want their tax money, and they will seize and confiscate property to get it.

To auction the property, the county will start the bidding low, and savvy auction buyers should keep their bids low.

The county will have announced the auction on the county website and in the local newspaper.

auction discounts

Can You Really Make Money Online From Home? – Bargain Real Estate Without a Mortgage

The discount on the auction property could be as high as 60%, 70%, or 80% below the tax assessed or local market prices.

Additionally, the treasurer will delete the mortgage or deed of trust loan.

Yes, the property is being auctioned for pennies on the dollar with no mortgage or deed of trust loan.

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Can You Really Make Money Online From Home? – Buying Real Estate Online – Example 1

In today’s lesson, I’m discussing, can you really make money online from home? The truth is thousands of properties are available online and offline at county auctions.

Many of my student investors live outside the United States. For example, Anna lives in Central America in Costa Rica.

Online, she purchased a residential, vacant buildable lot in the rolling hills of Los Angeles. The value according to the tax assessor was $210,000.

She paid slightly more than the minimum bid, which was the back taxes. She invested only 7 cents on the dollar, or $14,000, and got the property with no mortgage.

Can You Really Make Money Online From Home? – Buying Real Estate Online – Example 2

Debra MurphyHere’s another example. Debra purchased a mobile home in an exclusive subdivision on the Atlantic Ocean. This was a high-end property, valued at more than $50,000, and she paid $24,000.

After the auction, she opened the door and discovered a fully furnished mobile home in pristine condition.

She immediately put the property in a rental pool, and she earns a 35% return on investment (ROI) on her $24,000 investment. This was all done online.

I’m often asked by stay-at-home moms, career women, and retired women about how to make money from home as a woman, and I can tell you that women are among my most successful students.

Can You Really Make Money Online From Home? – Buying Real Estate Online – Example 3

Every transaction isn’t small. From my office desk, using a computer and a credit card, I have purchased many online properties.

A specific example would be a colonial house, 4-bed, 2-bath on 5 acres.

The tax value was over $400,000. I paid $140,000 and ultimately sold for $280,000. Again, the transactions can be completed online.

Can You Really Make Money Online From Home? – Big Profits

Today, I’m answering your question, “Can I make money online from home?” Throughout the internet, whether it’s YouTube or blogs or white papers, thousands of opportunities are available.

The opportunities that I’m suggesting create $25,000 or even $50,000 or more per transaction.

How do beginners make money online? What are your skills? What skills are you willing to acquire? If someone else has learned it, you can learn it too. You control your destiny.

Can You Really Make Money Online From Home? – Conclusion

buying a house without a mortgage onlineWe hope you enjoyed Ted’s lesson, “Can You Really Make Money Online From Home?

Not only can you make money online, but you can make a lot of money online in the little-known and highly lucrative market of alternative real estate called tax defaulted property investing.

At counties all across the USA, tax delinquent properties are sold for pennies on the dollar at tax sale auctions, where the starting bids begin around the amount of the unpaid property taxes.

It’s not uncommon at all to purchase properties for 10, 20, or 30 cents on the dollar at these auctions, and you get the property without a mortgage.

With such a huge profit margin, not only do you substantially reduce your risk, but you can sell quickly to generate cash flow or streams of residual income.

Ted has developed a system that produces lucrative profits from tax lien and tax deed investing. It’s worked for him for 30 years. It works for his students, and it can work for you!

If you’d like to know more about how to make huge profits from alternative real estate investing, there’s no one more qualified to teach you than Ted Thomas. Learn the secrets of how to make money online for beginners and seasoned investors alike in this virtually hidden market.

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