Overheard at the Golf Clubhouse…
Jerry and Don just finished their usual round of golf. It was a nice day, and the two had a drink together.

“Don, have you got a new Financial Planner yet?”

Don set his frosty drink down on the table. He thought carefully. His 43 year relationship ended with his planner’s massive heart attack. Apparently they found him a brand new ‘replacement’. Don looked around the club, lowered his voice, leaned over and said…

“Boy, did I.
I just met my new
advisor on video.
Good Lord,
he looked like he was

Don said: ‘I asked this kid about inflation’. His reply?

“Yes, that’s something new we have to think about. Have you thought of crypto?”

I told him the minute my wife asked me to buy her a new set of earrings made out of bitcoins that’s when I’ll think about crypto.

“Jerry, these kids, they don’t understand inflation. They never had to live through it like you and I. But any boomer will tell you, ‘Everything old is new again’ and inflation is not forgiving.”

Jerry thought for a minute, “Well, Don, what are you thinking of investing in to protect your family nest roll?”

“I’ll tell you this, Jerry, especially at our age, we know that real estate beats inflation hands down. And it’s safe. But, as much as I love real estate, I’m just too old to start the whole ‘landlord’ thing, so I think I’ll go back to what Ted Thomas has been saying for the last 25 years, you know, the guy who has been advertising how to profit from Tax Liens Certificates and Tax Deeds.”

“I’ve heard of him too, is he still around, Don?”

“Jerry, that guy has been singing the same song for 25 years. That tells me a lot. He’s consistent, he’s resilient, and his educational material is A-1. Let’s face it, no one stays in business 25 years teaching how to make money if it doesn’t work.

Not only that, no one in America knows more about Tax Defaulted profits than Ted Thomas. By the way, he lives on Merritt Island, not that far away.”

“Really Don, but I thought these ‘lien things’ were too complex to bother with?”

“Well, Jerry, it’s just like golf, you just need a teacher or coach. And it really isn’t rocket science. But compared to the stock market, well, first, Tax Lien Certs and Deeds have been around for over 200 years, so they are not volatile like the market.

Nothing that Putin or Biden can do will have any effect on your investments the Ted Thomas way. Inflation actually makes your real estate investments go up, yet, Tax Lien Certificates are 100% safe and guaranteed by the local government. If you get 18% on your money, you can live with 7% inflation. And while you cash in, you can watch these kids lose their shirts in the stock market.”

“You’re right about that Don. Jim Cramer just yells yells and the other guys yack about crypto.. yet bitcoin, why that’s the same stuff that all our hospitals had to pay ransom in. Bitcoins, the ‘money’ of criminals. I’m too old and too smart to fall for that crap”

“You’re so right Jerry. That’s why I took Ted’s (nearly free) live 7 hour seminar, and he made it simple and fun. It was that one day, live seminar, where I could see real folks, mostly boomers like you and I, making money safely.”

“Well, how much can you make? Realistically, it’s got to be good now with inflation.”

“Like I said Jerry. All you have to do these days is find returns better than inflation. I’ve used Ted’s method to easily find 12%, 14%, and 18% Liens to invest in. He even has a guarantee that you can find these – or his office will step in. They have teachers, facilitators, coaches, workshops, man, they are on it.”

“Can I just buy liens from Ted and save the learning?”

“Look Jerry, Ted doesn’t sell any financial instruments. No, you can’t buy Tax Deeds or Liens from him or any broker, that’s why no one really knows doody-squat about them. But he will teach you how to do it yourself. But here’s the big thing, you can easily earn 12%, 18% or more on your investment, guaranteed, I’ve received the checks in my hand from the government. It’s real.”

“Yeah, but from where? Texas?”

“No Jerry, all here in Florida, there are over a million liens on the books at any one time, some you can just drive to and check out. Ted teaches all that. It’s fun!”

“Gee Don, that sounds like a good idea. I know my wife would support anything safe like that.”

“But you know what Jerry? While the returns are over the moon, I mean, 18%, and 100% safe, the real plus is this.”

At this point Don lowered his voice, and leaned over the table and looked directly at Jerry.

“You know what Jerry? My doctor and wife were bugging me to find a hobby for my health, and I’ll tell you these online auctions are really fun. When you do your homework the Ted Thomas way, well, heck, you can see it in my golf swing. I’m excited to be making money again. Myself! If I feel like having a little financial action, without any risk, I spend a few hours on my computer. You should take the workshop, it’s less than fifty bucks for the day, and he even offers a 100% refund.”

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Why would an old timer like me trust Ted Thomas?

My name is David Williams, Ted Thomas is my boss. I sometimes deal with questions.

One message I received was this: ‘Why should an old timer like me trust Ted Thomas? I got taken advantage of by some other real estate guy years ago.’

I mean, for me, it’s easy. Because I see – day to day – how my boss Ted operates. I can trust him because I see and feel the results of his actions. I’ve seen his students prosper even during ‘lock-downs’ and in the recession of 2020 two years ago and now in these inflationary times.

So, when I read ‘Why trust Ted?’ to help you make your financial dreams become reality, I stopped to think about it, and this is part of what I came up with.

First, Ted has no diplomas on his walls; he never went to university or college after high school. But, having said that, after Ted was a successful businessman, Ted entered the Harvard Business School Entrepreneur Program and graduated. (In his class of 22 students, all were like him, worth well north of a million dollars – and included the founder of Kinko’s himself, Paul Orfalea, who named his printing shop after his nickname, Kinko, which was due to his curly hair!)

So, for those who like the whole ‘diploma thing,’ Ted’s received both a high school diploma and graduated from Harvard Business School’s prestigious Entrepreneur program. But, to me, that’s not much of a reason to trust anyone. Sure, it’s good, but, well, so what?

Next, Ted was in the Army. Not only in the army, but became one of the first air traffic controllers, which means he was trusted with people’s lives. This is where you’re trusted with the lives of all the men and women and crews in all the planes coming and going from his tower. As a former soldier myself, I respect those who give service to their country.

Soon after that, the FAA talent-spotted him – and he became one of the youngest flight instructors and FAA flight examiners ever. So, I think you can start to see a definite pattern of trust. Okay, what else?

Well, if you think about why we are here today, Tax-Defaulted Properties, this is a 200-year-old program. Ted has been learning and earning money with Tax-Defaulted properties – actively – for over the last 31 years.

Now, apart from some technology – that program hasn’t changed much. So 31 years of working on something that pays out so well, is so safe, and is guaranteed by the government, that has paid out to Ted millions of dollars, (even if he never brags about that), gives one a certain amount of knowledge. That means we can trust his experience without question.

After 5 years of success, he decided to write a few books about how you can make money with Tax-Defaulted property, as well as earn high interest rates with Tax-Lien Certificates. Because he became a bestselling author, he also became the ‘go-to’ guy for the media when they needed an expert on this subject.

So, best selling author on Tax-Defaulted property AND trusted by the media. And I’m not talking about the Sacramento Bee, (nothing against the ‘Bee’), I’m talking about the likes of FOX, CNN, (yes, both), WSJ, MSNBC, ABC, USAToday, and more.

Ted is the Father of Modern Tax Defaulted Property Investing.

Today, Ted is considered the foremost expert on Tax-Lien Certificates and Tax-Defaulted Property. He is the American Original when it comes to Tax-Defaulted-Property income. THE expert. Now we are firmly on a strong trust platform.

Lastly, for the last 31 years, Ted has been teaching his program. The title sometimes changes, but his Home Study course has been loved by so many people, I can’t count the number of reviews Ted has on Google – but his average is 4.9. Four point-nine out of five. That is unlike any ‘online guru’!

You can check some of those reviews out yourself here, and you won’t be able to count them all either!

You can trust Ted.


David Williams

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