She trusts you with the family finances, and when you started trading, she was even proud of you…

“Will she ever trust you again, once she finds out you’re down over 50%?”

Let me guess, at first you made some money, the market went up, and so did most of your trades. 

You thought you were actually figuring this thing out… but the market was just playing you. 

Now you’re really in trouble. You’re keeping your losses to yourself, but look-out should your spouse ever see your actual brokerage statement.

How long can you keep your financial house of cards standing, until she’s filing for divorce or before your bankruptcy trustee is on speed dial?

Are you at the point yet where you can’t even bear to open up your trading platform and see that you’re too far gone?

Worse yet: The ‘Gurus’ tell you that you will blow your account up a couple of times before you might just break even.


You’ve been sold a bill of goods by those chat room hussies and their army of shills telling you it’s okay to lose money for a year or two – they say it’s your price to pay to learn – but that price was all your savings – now you’re just plain BROKE!

How much more cash are you going to pour into the market before you’re penniless – or worse – buried in debt?

Look, no matter what, the big dogs always make money whether the market crashes or recovers – you know that by now. 

But what about you, the person just trying to turn your little nest egg or retirement savings into something that will keep you and your loved ones safe when the time comes?

If you’re ready to throw in the towel and stop clinging for dear life on hope after hope that you’ll beat the market… then this letter might just be the most important message you ever read…
It’s time you learned about a Nearly Secret Government Issued (and Administered) Investment where you can earn 24% + return on your money without the anxiety of day trading and stock market investing.

Wouldn't you sleep better if all your investments were:


"I haven’t slept since the market crashed – now my daughter’s college fund is gone. How can I tell her that her dream of becoming a Doctor is over?"

Dear Trader/Stock Market Investor,

If we’re lucky, I caught you before you’re in a full-blown financial nightmare, but even if you are now in the middle of one, I have great news for you:

I am going to show you how you can not only make your money back, but build yourself a financially secure, profitable rock solid and GOVERNMENT BACKED investment strategy that is so outside the box, that hardly anyone knows about it except a few housewives and non-traders who are cleaning up and keeping it under their hat.

NOTE: I promise to reveal all – and at the same time I’m going to change everything you thought you knew about investing.

Before I tell you what this is – read and understand this one important SHORT concept:

While you have lost money in the stock market, only a fool says ‘and I’ll stay in until I get my money back.’

Rather, the WISE re-action is ‘losing money in the market has taught me to just get off the Titanic before all souls are lost – and find a safe boat to not only get my money back, but to actually get RICH – with a government-backed strategy’.

Ready to rock and roll?

Read my $10,000 guarantee…

If you go to your stockbroker or financial advisor and ask for this investment, he’ll tell you that you’re as crazy as a loon and no such thing exists – but I’ll put up $10,000.00 that says he’s wrong.

Yes, if you or anyone else can prove that anything I say in this letter is not absolutely 100% true, factual and accurate, the $10,000.00 is yours.

Now here’s the quick “features list” of the investment your broker will swear doesn’t exist – and hopes you’ll never discover!

"Once again, I SWEAR UNDER OATH all this is true and verifiable, and I will pay $10,000.00 to anyone who can prove otherwise."

Now that I have your attention, let me tell you my story.

My name is Ted Thomas, and I’m not very well liked by stock brokers and bankers.

One CEO of a big mutual fund company – I won’t mention which one, but it’s got a little sailing ship as its logo – once threatened to “burn me at the stake.”

But before this is over you will think of me as your best friend.

Okay, time for a brief introduction. Let me tell you that I’ve been involved in the investing world for over 33 years.

At one time, I owned over 1,800 apartment and office buildings and residential properties all throughout Arizona, California and Nevada.

And before you get jealous, let me tell you that at one time, when interest rates suddenly leapt through the stratosphere, I got my butt royally kicked!

About 9 years ago I came to my senses and became passionately interested in less volatile, less risky investing.

And after a lot of investigation, trial & error, I came across the investment world’s most selfishly-guarded secret, which I am going to share with you in this important letter.

Here’s what I uncovered:

An investment that nearly every single bank, large or small, invests its money in, even though the bankers hope and pray you never do – because you will earn more money from this investment in a single year than they’ll pay you for tying up your money in a bank C.D. for five, six or even seven years.

An investment that most giant insurance companies invest their money in, but their executives would kill to keep you from finding out about. Even their own agents are clueless about it, and the insurance companies hope they stay that way.

An investment that some of the wealthiest Americans that I have ever met (and I’ve hobnobbed with literally hundreds of multi-millionaires) put their money in and use to fund their retirements.

For the most part, I discovered that us “little guys” – individuals like you and me – the folks who really do the work and carry the economy every day, do NOT invest their money in this, BUT COULD.

Frankly, when I first came to understand all this, I was in awe. After all, I thought I was a “sharp guy” when it came to money. But this strategy had completely slipped past me.

Now, please listen to this.

Look back at all the training you’ve done.

Hours and hours of watching over your charts, sitting in chat rooms, attending webinars, subscribing to ‘watch lists’ that never really amount to anything.

And what about so-called ‘real-time alerts’ – that you can’t jump on fast enough, so instead of being in the Green, you actually lose money following expensive Guru after Guru.

Chances are, you’ve even got a course or two you bought but still haven’t had the time to complete because you could never seem to learn the complicated process that your Guru seems to do effortlessly.

And how do you actually know your ‘Guru’ is even trading for real?

Rest assured, I am NOT going to make this sound easy-as-pie and then pull a “switch” on you – just to have you realize later you must have the financial genius of a Warren Buffet or have all the time in the world to actually DO it.

By the way, in addition to providing a safe, simple, straightforward investment option, guaranteed by the government, this very same “hidden investment market” can also give you a means of making short-term cash profits just like a part-time business. 

Want to see an example?

Meet Cheryl Hyland, you can see her in the picture holding up two checks.

Following my advice, while on vacation in Texas (from Canada), Cheryl Hyland invested $7,390.00 on March 7th and on July 8th, got paid and received $9,187.50 back.

That’s a $1,797.50 profit in 4 months, a 25% gain. Now, that’s NOT an unusual example at all.

Maybe you’ve wanted to have a 2nd income outside of your job or find a way to make some serious retirement money.

Perhaps you have tried something: maybe “no money down” real estate, maybe network marketing. And again, you probably found out it takes much, much more time than you’ve got.

After a day at work or cleaning up after the family, the last thing you have is the energy for hitting the bricks in the evening trying to build another business selling pills and creams.

But if you want some serious income you can do this as a business and create a VERY serious income – with NO selling, NO risk, NO harassing friends and family, NO hassles, and in as little as 5 hours a week, mostly at home on your computer.

What if you’re near retirement and don’t have a lot of time to make up for losses or even have enough to live on? It’s been said that ‘Money loves Speed’ and what I will show you now is the speed you can multiply your nest egg that will have you thanking your lucky stars that you read this letter.

Maybe you need to make up for lost time financially. Truth be told, many of you are good at making money in your job or profession, but rather unskilled at making it multiply.

Sometimes you get what we call the ‘bright shiny object syndrome’.

What’s that?

That’s where you buy up every bright shiny investing course that comes along until you realize that they’re all the same: They seem to work for the Guru, but it sure doesn’t translate into profits in your account.

So one day, you see “retirement” on the horizon but realize you simply won’t be able to retire anytime soon. If this is you, then I’ve got good news.

Because your government-guaranteed interest rates pile up gains at 3, 4 or 5 times faster speed than any other interest-bearing investment, this is a great way to make up for lost time.

Maybe your pension money is asleep. Maybe you still have some money in IRA’s, SEP’s, Pension Plans that should be working for you but are actually taking a nap since interest rates are so low, or might be highly leveraged and at risk – risks that you don’t even know about.

Let me ask you this: ‘If you have money sitting around NOT earning 16% to 24% interest, don’t you URGENTLY NEED my information and guidance about this “secret” investment alternative? You don’t have time to lose in this economy.

What a very happy Dentist Had To Say About What I Taught Him

This Is A Safe – Secure Investment… Ted Thomas educated my wife and I with the “how to” knowledge to create wealth. In Oklahoma, we bought certificates which pay 8%. In Arizona, we earn 16% on our certificates. We learned from Ted Thomas how to invest and own Tax Certificates in our IRA which means the earnings are tax deferred until we retire. It’s easy to get started; you could start with only $50. We’re encouraging our children to do this. At these high rates of secured returns, they will retire young. We started this whole process because we were so disappointed in the downward spiral in our profit sharing market investments. Anyone can do this… it’s just a matter of educating yourself.” – Mary & Wes Murakami

Maybe you'd just like to enjoy life and retire early - but how?

Well, by cranking up the returns on your investment dollars to 16%, 18%, 24%.  Do that, and you have more possibilities, don’t you?

You need less capital to start with if you can safely invest it at 24% than if you can only get 6%.

Hey, you can take your family on the vacation of their dreams.

I’m sure you’ll agree, you’ve earned the right to shape the next years exactly as you want them to be, and you can with this very high yield YET safe approach to replacing income from work with income from money.

Maybe you got slaughtered in the recent stock market ‘correction’ (please, don’t use the CRASH word), and need to recover fast.

In the last few years, a lot of traders and investors have lost 25%, 30%, even 50% of their IRA, Pension Plan, or SEP value.

Lost it so fast that they couldn’t even sell the stocks and are now just hoping they might still crawl back to break-even.

With what I’ll show you how to do, you can DOUBLE any amount of money you like in 5 to 7 years, with complete safety, and no loss of principle possible!

Yes, I know that sounds like a scam.

Maybe drug dealers can pull it off, but something legal? Safe? Government secured?

Well, it is true and fully documented and done all the time.

Maybe you’re just sick of making stock trading Gurus rich – and having your stomach do somersaults ten times a day.

Every broker will insist: if you want to invest for “growth” you have to stomach “risk.”

That’s the kind of roller coaster that will give you a heart attack or an ulcer.

And it is absolutely NOT necessary. You CAN get GROWTH WITHOUT RISK.

You can’t get what I’ll show you from a broker, though, because nobody gets any commissions on these terrific investments, so nobody on commission will breathe a word about them.

You buy direct, you redeem and get paid when the government calls you and says “come pick up your profits.”

For any or all of these reasons, what I am now going to reveal to you is almost certainly THE SOLUTION you never knew existed.

Please do NOT rush to judgment.

Please be patient.

You are about to learn insider details of a type of investing unknown to most people, even affluent, high-income individuals.

What you learn here and now WILL dramatically improve your financial future.

Now, I have not labeled it “TOP SECRET” frivolously, and I don’t mean it as a gimmick.

Believe me, bankers, stock brokers, fund managers and money managers want this to stay secret from you.

Before we go any further, it’s vital that you really understand the power and safety of what you’ll learn:

Your 16% To 24% Cash Flow Profit – That Interest Rate Is Fixed By Law And Guaranteed To Stay That High Regardless Of What Happens in the White House, Bank Interest Rates Or The Stock Market.
You Can Be A Purely Passive Direct Investor, Pay No Commissions,
You Can Even Do Everything By Snail Mail If You Choose,
Or You Can Take A More Active Role and
Enjoy A Fascinating 2nd Income Part-time Business.
You Can Quickly Make Up For Money And Time Lost,
By Doubling Your Money Every 5 to 7 Years.
Here’s How:
The remainder of this letter is an amazing story of a little-known way (probably “new” to you) to build wealth fast, yet safely, and it is so simple, its simplicity will astonish you. 
Even when I speak to groups of high-income professionals, I usually call this THE BEST KEPT INVESTMENT SECRET IN NORTH AMERICA, because so few people know it exists – even those who think they are ‘in the know’.
Okay, I know what you’re thinking – “get to the details…” 
So, here we go.
The investment “device” that I am talking about, that is so far superior to any and every other investment, is called a Tax Lien Certificate, and it is issued by state, county and local governments throughout the United States. 
Again, this is a government-issued investment certificate. 
NOT from any individual who may go bankrupt. 
NOR from any insurance company who might go bust. 
NOT from any banks who can change their interest rates. 
It’s from governments only.
The Tax Lien Process
Here’s what a Tax Lien Certificate is, and how it works.
In hundreds and hundreds of counties and municipalities, local governments have millions of dollars owed to them, in unpaid, overdue property taxes. Note the word “property.” These are uncollected taxes on homes, commercial buildings and land, solid stuff. 
These properties can never be sold or transferred unless these taxes are paid, the liens satisfied and released.
To fund the police, fire, hospital, schools, roads, etc., the local governments create and sell Tax Lien Certificates linked to these unpaid property taxes, to private investors. 
Each Lien Certificate is 100% secured by the real estate it is attached to. 
But when you buy the Lien Certificate, you are not actually buying real estate – you are buying the government’s lien on the real estate.
You get to “be the government.”
This is better than being the casino instead of the gambler.
And it gets better.
So far, you have purchased a government-issued Tax Lien Certificate fully secured by a specific piece of real estate.
Now, you get to have the government as your ally, working for you. 
The government assigns to you all the tax money due, plus interest – very high interest, fees and penalties. 
To prod the property owners into paying up, the government charges punitive “sky-high” interest rates, which you get. 
These interest rates are 16%, 18%, 24%, as high as 50%. 
The property owner can pay his obligation at any time, and he MUST pay it before the property can be sold or transferred. 
As the Tax Lien-Holder, you are in First Position, guaranteed payment before any mortgage or anything else. You are the government.
For “safety first” investors, there’s nothing like this! 
You are secured by the real estate itself, you are in bed with the government, the government collects for you. 
These government issued Tax Lien Certificates are armor-car safe.
Look, this is the ONLY high profit investment that takes no time day-to-day. 
No watching ups and downs on your charts. 
No buy-sell decisions, day-to-day, hour-by-hour, or heck, minute-by-minute! 
It’s 100% passive.
There is NO QUESTION of getting paid or of getting the incredibly high interest.
The only question is “when,” not “if.” 
And there are ways you can speed up the process if you choose.
If you take the passive approach, just buy, sit, and wait, you’ll never know when the call will come from the government, but it WILL come, and all the money, the high interest, the penalties, the huge profit will be waiting for you, in a government issued check. 
Also, most of these Certificates have locked-in maturity dates: if the property owner hasn’t paid it by “D-Day,” you can easily foreclose and take the property if you want. 
Or a mortgage holder eager to foreclose will buy your Certificate. 
Many people I’ve taught to invest in these Certificates occasionally do opt to take the real estate – often making really gigantic windfall profits, $25,659.12, $54,874.55, $103,747.21 and more. 
(As a “bonus”, I’ll also teach you how to buy Tax Deeds, a different type of government issued certificate that USUALLY leads to big, fast real estate profits.)
So, let’s summarize what I’ve revealed so far about Tax Lien Certificates:
1. They are issued by local, county and state GOVERNMENTS
2. They are 100% SECURED by real property
3. They are continually administered for you by the GOVERNMENT
4. You buy each Certificate DIRECT FROM THE GOVERNMENT
5. The property securing the Certificate cannot be sold or transferred without you getting paid
7. At your option, you can SPEED UP the collection
8. You can DOUBLE YOUR MONEY, give or take, almost overnight in some cases (tax deeds)
9. These Certificates are as SAFE AS FORT KNOX – You invest with the government and your checks come from the government
Unfortunately, everybody you’ve relied on for financial help up until now, would rather feed you rat poison than permit you to read this letter!
Now, let me tell you why you haven’t heard this important news before.
First of all, a lot of the private investors grabbing these Tax Certificates are actually big insurance companies, banks, savings and loans, union and corporate pension funds and big money investors. 
They have no interest in having a “little guy” like you or me getting in their way. 
Second, you buy these direct from the government. 
There are no middlemen. 
Thus no commissions. 
Third, they are far better investments than anything sold by stock brokers, mutual funds, banks or insurance companies.
So now you know.
Next, HOW can you buy and profit from Tax Lien Certificates?
Look, it’s easier to invest in a Tax Lien Certificate than it is to learn the 100 day moving average triple Fibonacci support line forming a cup with a broken handle!
Actually, there are three ways you can purchase tax liens: 
(1) at government held “live” auctions, which can be fun and exciting, 
(2) direct from government agencies in between auctions, via their record books or websites, and 
(3) in some states, by mail.
You can get Tax Lien Certificates in almost any size, ranging from $1,000.00 to 1 million dollars. 
You can buy in your home state or in any state – even take a tax-deductible vacation to a tax lien auction… 
You can start small, invest a few thousand dollars and see for yourself how easy and profitable and safe it is.
You can place a large sum of money if you need to. 
You can buy and own in your name, your spouse’s name, children, grandchildren, trusts, corporations or LLC’s. 
You can even buy these for self-directed IRA’s, SEPS and other retirement accounts and tax shelter the profits.
You can even “paper test” my Tax Lien Investing Step-By-Step System without investing any real money! 
In the training portion of my System, I show you how to do your own “dry run” with “play money”, so you can “buy” on paper only, follow the Certificates you “play-bought”, and know when they pay off and for how much.
Frankly, most people don’t bother with this step, once they fully understand how rock-solid safe and secure these investments are. But you can take this step if you want to.
What You Need to Know,
And How Easy It Is To Understand
Okay, it isn’t quite as brain-dead easy as I’ve made it sound so far.
Of course, there are mistakes you can make. 
There is a protocol to follow. 
Some states are better than others. 
There are times it’s better to buy by mail, in advance of auctions. Other times it’s well worth going “live” to an auction.
There are things you’ll want to do, to “check out” the properties securing the Certificates you choose to buy. 
And obviously you need to know which government offices control this process, who to contact there and how to contact them.
Because a lot of people are amazingly lazy, the “competition” we face from other private, small tax lien investors stays small. 
Even in spite of everything I’ve laid out here, the obvious superiority of this investment and the zero risk offer I’m about to make to guide you 1-2-3, most people reading this will sigh, shrug, set it aside, do nothing, and keep getting beat up at the mercy of the market. 
Go figure.
I will make it as easy as can be to quickly grasp all the information you need, to be permanently empowered to intelligently, efficiently and safely buy and invest in, hold or “flip” these Tax Lien Certificates; so, finally, you can get very, very high returns on your invested dollars, worry-free.
That should be very motivating to you.
Here’s what I will do.
1) I will GUARANTEE your complete, unconditional satisfaction with the information, tools and help I give you.
2) I will deliver to you – on a silver platter – all the contacts, instructions, fill-in-the-blank form letters, everything you need. I will train you, via audio and video.
3) I will even take you to an auction via video, so you see my students and I buying at auction.
4) And I will answer your questions, after you’ve gone through my “crash course.”
All done in the comfort and privacy of your home or your local coffee shop, and I will have you completely up to speed, and ready to do what I and all the others you read about here have done (and continue to do): make huge profits safely and regularly.
Of course, you don’t have to “crash course” it in a single weekend. You can have me talk you through everything at your own pace, at your own convenience. You decide how quickly you want to go from “A” to “Z”.
If you want to get started investing in America’s Tax Lien Certificate & Tax Deed Authority Certificates I have a great course called, ” The Making Money Carefully Program.”
Here’s what you’ll discover:
• How to Find the Highest Possible Returns with NO RISK! (They’re backed by the Government!)
• You Don’t Collect the Interest on Your Investment, The Government Does and Forwards it Right to You – FOR FREE!
• The Underlying Asset (Real Estate) Can’t Get Sold or Transferred WITHOUT Paying You Off FIRST. (You’re first in line for all payments, even ahead of Mortgage Companies!)
• There’s No Negotiating or Dealing With Homeowners, Real Estate Agents, Bankers or Lenders of Any Kind…You Invest Directly With the Local Government.
• How to Speed Up Your Returns – Legally – Using A Simple Form
• How to Double Your Money, Almost Overnight, With Tax Deeds
• Nothing to Fix Up… You Won’t Fix Toilets, Deal With Tenants, Have To Fix Stuff Or Tie Up Large Sums Of Money Hoping For Some Future Payoff! 
You’ll Know EXACTLY What You’re Getting Before You Even Invest A Single Penny!
My system is Fully GUARANTEED:
Your money cheerfully, instantly handed right back to you if everything isn’t as I stated if my system isn’t all I’ve promised and more if you are unhappy for any reason.
I have legions of “raving fans”, and everywhere I go, people corner me to tell me of their profits, their new-found confidence as investors, and the exciting improvements in their lives, I like that. 
I have no intention of ever being cornered by anybody who wants to gripe and complain. For that reason, I back my System 100%.
Guaranteed To Work
You will get everything. 
Hey, take up to two full months to review it, participate in the weekly Question and Answer Hotline Conference Calls(?), buy Tax Lien Certificates, whatever – and anytime within those two full months, decide this isn’t for you, for any reason, and simply return everything (re-word because digital) to me for an instant, full, and complete refund. 
Every penny. No questions asked.
Furthermore, my standing offer to pay $10,000.00 to anyone who can prove anything said here in this letter or in my entire System to be false is on the books, open to anyone. 
It has been available for quite some time without any takers.
So, no one else in the entire financial and investment world has ever put such a completely risk free, fully-guaranteed offer before you. 
My coach is ready to work with you and give you a full briefing on Tax Lien Certificate investing, with nothing held back, and to be your coach to make certain you succeed. 
The investment itself is government issued, government administered and safe, safe, safe; yet you can make more money in one year with your money in a Tax Lien Certificate than you would with it in a bank CD in a decade! 
So, why on earth wouldn’t you leap at my offer?
I can think of one possible reason.
You don’t trust me. 
I suppose I can’t blame you, a guy “sight unseen” offering this completely unknown yet fool-proof investment option. 
But I urge you to carefully read the hundreds of Real Peoples’ Reports of Success that we have coached. 
Consider what people from all walks of life have said. 
In fact, here are 11 reasons you CAN trust Ted Thomas:
#1 – I have no investments to sell you, no commissions to make by
selling you investments.
#2 – I am not a money manager, planner, advisor. I seek no fees
from you.
#3 – I am not beholden to or paid by any stock, insurance or
securities firm or bank.
#4 – I have ironclad PROOF that what I am teaching you to do works. Everyone you read about here, and hundreds more, have provided me with copies of their Tax Lien Certificates, their pay-off checks, and documented their profits. These are real
people making real money.
#5 – I conduct “live” buying tours to Tax Lien Auctions, conduct seminars, and frequently speak at conventions and conferences in many different fields. I am very accessible, very visible — not “hiding.” As visible and accessible as I am, I must be on the up and up, or my life would be a misery!
#6 – The Tax Lien Certificates themselves are government issued
#7 – Thousands of my Systems are sold, all on a fully guaranteed
#8 – YOU have my 100% money-back guarantee.
#9 – You can call my office at 321-449-9940 most business days from 1pm to 5pm and get a real, live human being on the phone to help you.
#10 – We have coaches available every Wednesday to help you and answer your questions.
Number Eleven requires me to be kind of blunt. I don’t mean to offend, but I still need to make this point. Look, the blunt fact is, I do NOT need your money. Whether you get my System or not won’t make a difference in my lifestyle, or make my retirement secure – it’s more than secure. I have far too much to lose and too little to gain by in any way misrepresenting, exaggerating or outright lying about this unique financial opportunity. 
However, this decision could have MAJOR IMPACT FOR YOU, your family, your lifestyle, your retirement.
“Okay, Ted, just how much of my money do you want to get me started? Break the bad news to me.”
Let’s see now, just how much have you spent on your trading platform, books, newsletters, watchlists, on commissions and fees you’ll never see again, alert services, webinar after webinar, seminars, boot camps and numerous chat rooms promising you the holy grail system? 
Not to mention the latest fad: Bots and Algos that will happily trade your money down to zero. 
Worse, how much have you lost trying to desperately follow your guru of the day?
Be honest, how much have you lost?
Go ahead, jot that number down: $25,000, 50K, more? Yikes!
I have seen day traders ‘invest’ $20,000 to as much as $40,000 for a series of seminars on making money in the market – where the only one guaranteed to have made any money was the seminar leader and the hotel hosting the event.
I don’t know the total you’ve ‘invested’ in your training, and how much you have lost, but I’m VERY sure is well over $5000.
Good news. 
My entire System doesn’t even require $4,995, and arguably it can be worth a whole lot more to you than a long list of other $5,000 ‘investments’ you’ve made. 
In fact, it’s a sad truth that most traders work a lot harder for their money than their money works for them, and I’m offering you a guaranteed way to turn that around, so what’s that worth?
You and I both know you’ve spent more than this just on airline tickets and hotel bills to go to one ‘guru’ day trading seminar, with no hope of it empowering you to make 24% + interest on direct investing, safely, with no lasting financial gain you can point to.
Well, I guess that covers it.
So, the best time to have begun investing in Tax Lien Certificates was the day before you opened your trading account, the second-best time is… now.

Before I tell you the price, I guess I better share what you’ll get… because once you see what I’m offering you’ll want it no matter what your investment is.

Before I tell you the price, I guess I better share what you’ll get… because once you see what I’m offering you’ll want it no matter what your investment is.
1. Ted Thomas’ “Making Money Carefully” Accelerated Online Video Training (Value: $597)
All the information you need regarding this 200-year-old predictable, certain and secure government controlled and mandated program has been condensed into 6 intensive videos and 2 illustrated manuals, written and published by Ted Thomas. 
All of these study materials are online, in the ‘cloud’ where you can access them anytime, from any computer, phone or online device.
Hundreds of questions are answered; the complex processes have been simplified and made easy to learn. 
Ted teaches, guides and nurtures students-investors to unlock this hidden opportunity – easily, quickly and with NO mistakes.
Video is the fastest way to learn, no other training is so condensed and so up to date, you’ll see and hear real world examples of people just like you making guaranteed passive income from tax lien certificates. 
Video allows you to learn at your own pace, to go back and review, as well as pause to make that next cup of coffee.
Entrepreneurs will see others earning from documented information, people making thousands of dollars with tax defaulted properties. 
You’ll see others who are securing income in stormy and calm markets, 6 figure incomes, all on video.
2. You’ll Get One Ticket to Ted’s “How To Make $25,000 to $50,000 or More In The Next 12 Months” at the 3-Day Live Workshop (Value: $2500)
Would you like to see Ted Thomas LIVE?!
While taking Ted’s live course is optional, and not necessary whatsoever to learn how to profit from Tax Lien Certificates, many of us ‘old school’ folks like the ‘personal touch.’
Ted loves to meet his students, and spend time with them. 
Meeting others who have profited by Teds training is also a lot of fun. Plus, the cost of your trip is a tax write-off.
While this amazing 3-Day Action Packed Live Workshop covers everything you need to know to make the smartest, safest investments you can imagine and how to do it quickly and easily from your own home, there is nothing presented that you can’t learn from all of the online materials.
However, live trainings have a powerful effect – you’ll get more from attending a live training than just sitting at home in front of a monitor. 
No matter if you attend prior to starting to review your online course, or a year after successfully profiting from Tax Lien Certificate sales, you WILL gain a lot of confidence, ideas and solidify your knowledge.
We’d like to see you there, and you WILL not be disappointed. In the past, this was the ONLY way to learn from Ted.
This ticket can be used on any future 3-Day live event by Ted. You can call the office for future available dates.
3. Thirteen (13) Weeks Live Coaching Call Webinar with a Certified Ted Thomas Coach (Value: $450) [define live coaching]
4. Monday through Friday personal guide facilitators to answer questions and guide you 5 days a week. (Value: $300)
These trained, experienced guides will answer questions and point you towards successfully earning safe and secure money in this almost hidden market. 
You can expect help 5 days a week for 60 days at no charge. The value of this service is $150 per month. [total value $1800 per year] .
Your guide will contact you, your participation will be via webinar, and your guide will teach you how to use the webinar if you’re not familiar. Generally speaking, most calls are 30 minutes long.
To sum up – order today and you’ll get instant access to the following:
1. Ted Thomas’ “Making Money Carefully” Accelerated Online Video Training (Value : $597)
2. One Ticket to Ted’s “How To Make $25,000 to $50,000 or More In The Next 12 Months” 3-Day Live Workshop (Value: $2500)
3. Thirteen (13) Weeks Live Coach Webinar (Value: $450)
4. Monday Through Friday Personal Guide Facilitators to Answer Questions and Guide You 5 Days a Week! (Value: $300)
TOTAL VALUE: $3,847!
But, you’re not going to pay that! 
We like to reward fast-action takers… so, if you take us up on this offer today, you can get all of the above for just $397!
You really CAN start investing in Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds, it’s just a matter of knowing HOW. 
This course teaches you exactly how you can get started on your own road to financial freedom by making smart, risk-free investments.
At this point in your investing life, you have just 3 choices. 
Making the right decision is just as important for you as for your family. 
Make sure you choose wisely because the rest of your life depends on it.
Option 1: Carry on trading and risk the rest of your family nest egg. Or use your margin to ‘double up’ and end up in debt to your broker. You could let fear take over and try the ‘Deer in the Headlights’ approach and do nothing as inflation destroys the last of your savings. You know in your heart of hearts none of these strategies will work for you. You know your family deserves more.
Option 2: Now that you have read about Tax Lien Certificates you’ve no doubt Googled the term. Just like learning how to trade, there are thousands of links, a bunch of YouTube videos and a smattering of ebooks that will only confuse you if you try to learn based on random INFORMATION. 
To succeed, you need EDUCATION. Education is ORGANIZED and validated INFORMATION. That’s what I have, and that’s what I offer. Don’t waste your time trying this on your own – it is a quick way to lose money. If it was that easy to make $10,000, $20,000 or more after reading a few blog posts I would not have hundreds of satisfied clients who continue to prosper. You will never succeed on your own because there are always pieces missing… and you don’t know what you don’t know.
Option 3: Be smart. EDUCATION is investing in yourself. That is the only way to prosper. For just $397 you have a pathway to a wealthy retirement. You have a way to protect your family, you have a legacy to leave to your grandchildren. When you learn how to invest in Tax Lien Certificates you will not only earn guaranteed profits, but your financial stress will be over. And being able to sleep at night because you’re financially secure is worth more than $397 – it’s priceless. Click here now, get started, and never fear for your family’s future again.
Yours in Wealth,
Ted Thomas
We offer a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked. No hard feelings. If you don't think we've lived up to our end of the deal, simply send the material back within 90 days and our office will refund your money immediately.
Click here to order the "Making Money Carefully" Now For Only $397 - LIMITED TIME!
90 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
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P.S. – Just to get your mouth watering, feast your eyes on these rates that would have Jerome Powell salivating more than Pavlov’s whole kennel: Georgia Tax Lien Certificates yield up to 30% in the 2nd year, up to 50% in the 4th year. Iowa pays 24% in the first year. Florida pays 18%. Arizona pays 16%. Texas up to 50% combined interest and penalties, 2nd year. These are government sponsored programs. These are facts. How valuable will it be for you to know exactly how to get in on this yourself, directly? Well, using the “Rule of 72” for calculating double your money, you take the interest rate, divide it by 72, and that tells you how long it takes to double your money. If you had a 24% Tax Lien Certificate, for example, you double your money in three years. $10,000.00 becomes $20,000.00; $20,000.00 becomes $40,000.00 in just 3 years. Might that solve your “How will I pay for my daughter’s dream of becoming a doctor?” or “How can I ever retire?” problem? 

PPS: I almost forgot to tell you about my “MR. X.” As you can see from the testimonials, most of my “students” are happy to brag about their huge profits. But one of my “students” is not. I’ll call him “MR. X.” Mr. X has purchased over 3-million Dollars in Tax Lien Certificates in three different states, and regularly attends auctions to buy more. At last count, he has purchased 1,484 different Tax Lien Certificates. He also buys Certificates for others as a “side business” (which you might do, too). He has done all this in under 4 years. He has kept his meticulous records and here are his actual, exact results:
On Certificates bought for as little as $500.00 to no more than $1,500.00 each, he has AVERAGED 27%. On those under $500.00, 22%. On top of that, he has occasionally made a few “big scores” when winding up with a real estate property free and clear. His yearly cash flow is enormous.
Now, why on earth should you settle for a pitiful 2.6% from a bank CD, maybe 5% from an annuity, or worse, your losses in the market – when you can just as easily have the same 22% to 27% returns he does. I’ve taught others what to do. I will teach you exactly the same things in my System. Guaranteed. Don’t you literally OWE IT TO YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY to do this?
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